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Beef broth

Beef broth 450 ml

Konečně vývar
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
396 kJ
4.7 %
4.5 g
9 %
Ten out of ten granmas say: strong broth is better than an aspirin. Its aroma is so haunting that it is used in aromatherapy. A good broth is almost like a chef certificate. Can be added to sauces, goulash, steamed ribs, wild game or simply with root vegetable and noodles. No additives, no salt and gluten-free. It's been boiled for 8 hours straight.
Voda, hovězí maso a kosti 42 %, zelenina 10 %: mrkev, cibule, CELER, petržel, česnek; bobkový list, nové koření pepř. Uchovejte v chladu do 8° C.
Contains celery.
It only took three men. Jarda Vácha – a company spokesman and consultant, his brother Honza Vácha – a software specialist and Jakub Gruber – a graphic designer. What do these guys have in common? They love longboard and cooking. A computer work and paperwork was ever so exhausting they often spent their spare time in their kitchens. One day they set out to France to taste local food and to surf, of course. Experiencing French cuisine Jarda realised there’s a hole in Czech market – nobody provides an honest broth without additives. At first it was just an idea but as time went by they realised how much they missed such option. Before they came back to Czechia they already had a name for their own product and plans for first trial of cooking such broth.
Title per 100 ml per portion 450 ml
Energy 88 kJ 395 kJ
Energy 21 kcal 94.5 kcal
Proteins 1 g 4.5 g
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