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Apricot kernel butter RAW ORGANIC

Apricot kernel butter RAW ORGANIC 250 g

Feel good family
Country of origin:
Czech Republic
6548 kJ
78.2 %
130 g
185.7 %
26.5 g
9.8 %
57.5 g
115 %
Walnut paste is made from walnut dried at low temperatures to preserve all the beneficial nutrients. Great as a spread on toast, tasty addition to dessert and dough.
Meruňková jádra sladká.
Může obsahovat stopy skořápkových plodů a sezamu.
Feel Good Family is an association of friends whose goal is to promote a conscious lifestyle. It offers proven food that will satisfy not only your tastes, but also your body and mind.
Title per 100 g
Energy 2619 kJ
Energy 626 kcal
Fats 52 g
Saturated fatty acids in fats 3.5 g
Carbohydrates 10.6 g
Sugars 5.09 g
Proteins 23 g
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